Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unusual Art

I love finding interesting pieces of art for my home. The feeling when someone walks into your house and asks, "Where did you find that? I love it!," you know you have found a keeper. The stranger the better is my motto. I've had the idea for a photo/art mural for my blank and boring living room wall for some time now. While searching the web I stumbled across a couple unique pictures to start the wall off right.

World map by Viva Terra
This tung wood map is made out of three panels. I love the abstract design and imagry. I have a thing for maps. I love to discover new places around the world and a map helps me escape to a far away land. A girl can dream right? This amazing piece will set you back $398. I wish it was a little less expensive.
Viva Terra
Anything that is recycled has got my vote. Reclaimed wood slats always add an interesting look.
Orange & Park
The next three pieces come from a website I stumbled upon via Apartment Therapy. I'm a native southern Cali girl. I love the fact that these pieces list the great beaches in my area and beyond and with a vintage twist. Although, there are a few colors to choose from I love the 1950s esque blue.
Orange & Park

Orange & Park
My stomping grounds
World Market
Subway art is all the rage. Paris we will meet again soon...
This piece is also reclaimed wood and was hand printed with eco-friendly ink. Birds, although terrifying to me, are so mysterious. They are always lurking. I wonder what they are thinking up there on that wire.

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