Friday, August 19, 2011

San Francisco

Last week I took a trip to San Francisco for my birthday weekend. The one thing I wanted to do was bike the Golden Gate Bridge. Ever since I was in college I have wanted to bike across the bridge and surprisingly none of my friends were takers. Strange dream I know, but I wanted to feel the wind in my face (very cold wind at that) while seeing the sights upon a bike. With a little coercing I talked my bestie and cousin, Kayla, into joining me. It is an 8 mile ride one-way to Sausalito, but so worth it. We set out on our journey, not realizing there would be a few hills to master before we even set foot in the bridge. Once we were finally on the bridge, the temperature dropped what felt like 10 degrees. We kept going and finally made it Sausalito. What a beautiful sight and accomplishment.

The view of the bridge from the beginning of the ride
The City
Taking a break after one of the hills
We made it!

Self portrait while biking...not recommended!

Great view
Almost to Sausalito
Enjoying our much deserved lunch and mimosa
We took the ferry back and past Alcatraz

Sweet Kayla

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