Monday, July 11, 2011

Zinc Letters DIY

I have been obsessing over the Anthropologie zinc letters which range from $18-98/letter for some time now. The problem being the price, I am not willing to pay that much for the alphabet. The reason why I would seek out such a random object is that I'm trying to complete a photo and mirror mural for my living room wall along with any funky vintage art I can find. I love the Industrial look and these little letters add just the right touch. As I scrounged thrift stores and garage sales with no such luck of finding a cheaper clone, I figured I could probably recreate my own.

The Inspiration

I went to my local craft store and grabbed the supplies.

Wood letter: $2
Folk art black acrylic paint: on sale for $.99
Folk Art silver metallic acrylic paint: on sale for $.99
Total spent: $4 
I already had the paint brush and paper towel I used

I bought this letter because it was the largest and already primed white.

The paint used.

I painted two coats of the black paint on the letter as a base and let dry.

Then I dipped a dry paint brush in a little of the metallic paint and did quick up-and-down motions on the letter. I used the paper towel to rub off the silver paint in random spots.

Finished product

Voila! Easy and cheap DIY

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